5 questions to ask yourself before buying your home insurance

Breaking Down the Jargon on Condo Insurance

5 questions to ask yourself before buying your home insurance

When it comes to making a decision on your West Palm Beach Home Insurance you need all the facts. To make a decision you need to know what you are letting yourself in for. Here are the 5 questions you need to ask yourself before buying your home insurance-

1 – How much cover do I need?

In the worst case you might need the cover to clear the site, rebuild your home and replace everything that you owed inside, such as-

  • Your furnishings
  • Your gadgets and technology
  • Your furniture

The figures can be mind boggling.  Add to this the fact that you will need somewhere else to live while all of this is going on and you can see why so many Americans underestimate their home insurance needs.

2 – What disasters are included?

Living in Florida comes with the potential for a hurricane to hit. What use would a policy be that didn’t cover for this natural disaster? Take a look at all of the areas that your potential policy might be needed for. You really want to make sure that you are covered.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the time to read through all of the policies that you might consider. That is why people come to us – we’re the number one West Palm Beach Home Insurance company and we so all the hard work for you.

3 – Do I need extra cover?

You have a standard cover on all policies but you need to look at whether you need anything extra. Fine art, jewelry or a coin collection will have to be added as extras so make sure that you know what your policy covers. If you need your personal items or high value items covered then make sure that they are mentioned.

You need the best cover you can find rather than the cheapest deal that may not be of much use if you ever need to make a claim. We will help you to find value for money.

4 – Is there anything important to you in the exclusions?

There will be specific things that you policy does not cover for. They will be spelled out in the section marked as exclusions. You really need to check and find out if you are happy with all that is excluded. Different insurers have different exclusions so you can compare and contrast the options to make sure your policy gives you the cover you need.

5 – Am I eligible for any discounts?

As the leading company for West Palm Beach Home Insurance we know that any discounts will really help to make your home insurance affordable. There are discounts available for a host of home repairs, security measures and fire preventions. Speak to us about how you can find the best discounts available for your circumstances. We will look through our insurance providers and see how we can save you money while protecting the cover levels you need.

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