Life events that mean you need to review your life insurance cover

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Life events that mean you need to review your life insurance cover

When you consider your West Palm Beach Life Insurance then you need to look at it in terms of the life events that change your needs. The life cover that you have now may work perfectly for your circumstances but that is just the issue – your circumstances change over time. Here is our guide to the life events that should prompt you to review your life insurance cover. If you experience any of these then speak to us –

Getting married

When you are in the throes of love and have just gotten engaged then I suspect that your life insurance needs are not the first thing on your mind. But reviewing life insurance at this time is a really important of planning your future together. Once you get married and start to share the finances then your financial life becomes intertwined. It might lead to buying a home or a bigger mortgage and it is vital to have this covered for peace of mind.

Having children

Your life changes immeasurably in so many ways when you have children – and so should your life insurance cover. You have a greater responsibility to others and your child would need to have a stable and secure financial situation if the worst were to happen to you. As soon as you find out that you are going to be a parent you should review your life insurance to make sure that it covers things such as-

  • Your partner if they have to give up work
  • Childcare costs
  • College fees

You need to make sure that you look after your child in all the ways that are needed.

Getting divorced

At the time of going through a divorce the last thing on your mind is often the life insurance cover that you have. But through marriage the cover would usually be designed to pay out to your spouse. You may still have cover in place that would deliver a cash lump sum to your ex-partner in the event og your death. For many this is the last person they would want that to go to.

Review your life insurance cover with us, the leading West Palm Beach Life Insurance company in the event of your divorce.

Children leave the home

As the expert on West Palm Beach Life Insurance we know that there are life events that change the way you look at your life insurance. When the kids are all grown up and start to have a life outside of the family home (don’t forget to bring them to us for their life insurance review) then you may have different priorities.

You may feel that the life insurance that covered your kids is no longer important. Come and speak to us and we can look at the cover you have now and how that will look for you in the future. As with all of the major life changes, it is important to assess the financial side of things.

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