Maintain your car – prevent an auto accident

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Maintain your car – prevent an auto accident

As the leading West Palm Beach Auto Insurance company we are often asked for ways to help. If the worst happens then you can rest assured that you have come to us and found an insurance policy that covers your needs. But it would be so much better if you could avoid ever having the need to make an auto insurance claim.

One way of helping steer clear of accidents is to maintain your vehicle so that it is in good condition. The state of the roads, the weather and other road users all have an effect on how safely you can get around but if you have a well-maintained car then you stand the best chance of staying safe.

The tires on any car go through a lot. As the number one company for West Palm Beach Auto Insurance we have seen enough claims to now that poor tire maintenance can contribute to a crash or accident.  You should check the pressure of your tires once a week so that you know they will react in the way you need under braking or acceleration. Replace worn tires before they become an issue.

The brakes on your vehicle can wear quickly if you drive in rush hour traffic and have to constantly apply them.  Worn brake pads can damage the rotors which are much more expensive to repair and damaged rotors can cause a failure of the brakes. Get your mechanic to check them when you get you annual service.

The engine oil is something that is easily forgotten when driving a car. It keeps all of the other parts lubricated so check the oil level, even if you have a modern car. A loss of oil can be the sign that something more serious is happening.

The coolant level in your car will keep it cool in the heat, so you get a smoother ride. The way that your car handles and performs overall can contribute to you being at a higher risk of an accident. Check the coolant levels around every six months to ensure that they perform for you.

The brake fluid is another fluid that is overlooked in modern cars but needs to be checked. An unchecked leak can cause the brakes to fail with potentially disastrous consequences. Keep on top of the brake fluid levels and avoid danger.

The windows and lights on your vehicle determine how well you can see hazards, other road users and pedestrians. Make sure the windows are in good condition and repair any chips or cracks. Check regularly that your lights work so that you can see and be seen in the dark.

As an authority on West Palm Beach Auto Insurance we are here to help you get the best price for your auto insurance, but we also want to help in other ways. If you spend a few minutes each week checking your car over then you can save yourself being in an accident.

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