Save Money on Your Homeowners Policy

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Save Money on Your Homeowners Policy

Home improvements that will actually decrease your home insurance premium

As the top company for Home Insurance West Palm Beach we love to help people save big money on their home insurance. We can search the market and find you great deals that give you top cover at the best premium available. But there are other ways that you can save on your home insurance. Making some simple home improvements can really help you with the home insurance companies. Here is out guide to how you can improve your home and save on your next home insurance policy.

Get a burglar alarm

Don’t have a burglar alarm at your home? Well it’s time that you got one. A burglar alarm will give you a sense of security when you are away from the home and can save you money on your home insurance. It is one of the questions that insurers ask you and the answer “yes” sees your premium drop.

You can either have a monitored alarm (which will save you more money) or one that makes a hell of a noise and scares people away (saves you money but not as much) and both are great to increase your security.

Check out your roof

The roof of your home gets the weather conditions first and needs to be ready to protect the rest of the building. Make sure that your roof is strong and will withstand any wind, rain and sun so that you don’t have to make a claim for repairs. The longer you go without a claim then the better your premiums will become. Look after your roof and it will look after you.

Install deadbolts

As the number one company for Home Insurance West Palm Beach we like to help our customers save money. Deadbolts on your doors are an upgraded security feature that will keep your possessions safe and please your home insurer too. The standard of security on your main doors is something that any insurer wants to know about. A better system means less chance of a claim and a lower premium to boot.

Look at your fire safety

You will need smoke alarms as a standard part of any home insurance policy – that is taken as granted. But any other fire safety measures that you install will help lower your premium when it next comes up for renewal. Think about a fire sprinkler system and you can save a chunk off your premium.

The exact amount will vary from insurer to insurer but all of these measures will help to keep your home safe. As well as having comprehensive home insurance you want to feel that your home, your family and all of your belongings.

As the number one choice for Home Insurance West Palm Beach we want to help you look after all your home. The security and safety measures that you put in place will give you peace of mind. Who knew that they would save you on your home insurance too?

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